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Oak Park Voice Lessons
Jill Gabrielle chicago voice lessons

Chicago Voice Lessons

Leading Chicago voice teacher, Jillann Gabrielle, has been providing voice lessons to individuals of all ages, styles, and levels for over 40 years....LESSONS THAT REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE...and her students' accomplishments tell the tale! Current and former students have: performed leading roles at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, on Broadway, and in national tours; finished second place on CBS’s Rock Star INXS; fronted leading bands and written award winning original material; and taken first place at numerous contests throughout the country. Her lessons include cutting edge vocal technique as well as insightful stage presence instruction that will GET YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO BE! Through private voice lessons, stage presence classes, and showcases Jillann can groom you for a professional career or just prepare you to enjoy your musical life to the fullest...you decide! The possibilities are endless!...and IMPROVEMENT GUARANTEED... first lesson!

Chicago Voice Lessons

STUDIOS: Oak Park (Chicago’s near western suburbs) and Crystal Lake, IL

Chicago Voice Lessons
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